Haskell internship at Roodkappje

Roodkappje is helping out market vendors, a group of small entrepreneurs that are suffering badly from the crisis. We do so by digitizing their businesses, bundling orders with their colleague's stalls and providing pickup or volunteer delivery. Our pilot in Amsterdam's Albert Cuyp market shows that we have a great community.

The project is a collaboration of a diverse group of ~17 individuals who are volunteering their time to turn this idea into reality after winning in the SME category of hackthecrisisNL. Right now we're looking at ways to scale our solution, to onboard new local markets. Doing so will require some experimentation, which is why we're going to build it in Haskell with Reflex FRP. What we can offer:

  • an opportunity to help those who need it most
  • be part of an exciting project from the beginning
  • mentoring to improve your Haskell skills and learn frontend development with functional reactive programming
  • meet other Haskellers

Who we are looking for:

  • you're eager to learn
  • you're not a type astronaut but you can tell Maybe (IO a) from IO (Maybe a)
  • only a couple of hours a week to help out

If you're interested, let us know when you're available for a chat by mailing robert@roodkappje.nl

I hope to talk to you soon!

Cheers, Robert Hensing